No evidence to support Democrat claim of Trump campaign contacts with Russia

Susan Wright:
Devin Nunes, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, is saying that to date, there has been no evidence of contact between Trump campaign aides and Russia.

“We still don’t have any evidence of them talking to Russians,” Mr. Nunes said as he briefed reporters. “As of right now, the initial inquiries I’ve made to the appropriate agencies, I don’t have any evidence.”

He said he’s interested in evidence, but it doesn’t appear the investigative agencies have it.
This sort of pushes against what others have said.

The New York Times has published articles, speaking about the repeated contact between Trump’s aides and Russian intelligence, based on intercepted phone calls.
Mr. Nunes said he had asked for evidence on three persons that reports said were involved in the conversations, and nothing has come back. While he refused to identify or speak for the investigative agencies, he said they don’t seem to have found anything themselves.

“The way it sounds like to me is it’s been looked into and there’s no evidence of anything there,” he said.

He invited whistleblowers who may have evidence to come forward and speak directly to his committee.
The argument of collusion with the Russians never made any sense to me.  It seemed to be more of a convenient excuse for the Democrats' losing the election and also a way to generate a distraction for the Trump administration to deal with as it is trying to get its people in place.  The Democrats are trying to get their mojo back after losing several elections since 2010 and they are looking for any excuse to change the subject about why they lost, i.e. a rejection of their liberal policies.


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