Politicization of Oscars faces a boycott from seniors group

Paul Bedard:
They're wealthy and they are among the biggest age groups to fill movie theaters, but many seniors have had it with Hollywood's political hate speech and they are threatening a boycott if the Oscars, as expected, turn into a Trump bashing affair Sunday.

Taking aim at the star-studded event and host Jimmy Kimmel, a group that represents conservative seniors, which dubs itself the alternative to AARP, on Thursday issued the warning with 12 examples of the hate spewed by stars expected to walk the red carpet.

— Oscar nominee Michael Shannon said Trump supporters should die: "It's time for the urn."

— Director Judd Apatow said he felt like he had been "raped" by Trump.

— Oscar nominee Michelle Williams said about Trump's election, "It was a very hard day to be a mother."

If more of those comments are heard at the Oscars, then members of the Association of Mature American Citizens will boycott theaters.

"More than 60 million Americans voted for Donald Trump this year," said Dan Weber, president of AMAC, which boasts over 1 million dues-paying members.

"They are tired of being demeaned and mocked by celebrities who have become enriched in large part due to the money we spend on movie tickets and other entertainment programs. If Hollywood continue its vicious, bigoted hate speech against those who simply hold different political views, then we don't have to watch their films anymore," he added.
Since I don't care about what they have to say about the election, I do not plan to watch their show.  Entertainers and athletes and people who write about them are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to my watching them after they express them.  I am already avoiding ESPN because of its politicization fo sports.  Hollywood will now get the same treatment.


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