Liberals still pushing an agenda that made the Democrats a minority party

NY Times:

Congress Members Head Home; Liberal Activists Await Them

As lawmakers leave for a weeklong break, a flood of new activist groups fired up over health care has traditional organizations scrambling to catch up.
Obamacare made the Democrats a minority party and liberals seem to be bitterly clinging to the mess it created.  It was one of the worst pieces of legislation in history and has done great damage to millions who lost their healthcare and their doctors because of control freak government and its desire to give free healthcare to a few while damaging the market as a whole.

Republicans would be wise to ignore the manufactured hysteria of the left with its mass-produced signs and choreographed yelling.  It is not a Tea Party like movement.  It is a Soros sponsored side show like the phony Occupy Wall Street movement.  It is made up of Democrats who can't come to grips with the voters rejecting their bad ideas.


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