Turning back Obama's control freak agenda and leaving issues up to local authorities

Washington Post:
Trump’s withdrawal of transgender bathroom guidance leaves questions up to schools, states

Until this week, the federal government had provided a standard for how sensitive questions that schools face with transgender students should be resolved. But the shift leaves a patchwork of policies that varies widely across the country.
The democrats under Obama have been trying to normalize deviancy and in the case of transgender folks, they are trying to normalize a mental disorder.

Basing identity on feelings makes no sense when you look beyond sex.  Can those people who were caught trying to pass as black just say they identify as black?  Can an old short guy identify as a 23-year-old NBA player?  You can see the absurdity.  While I would not stop someone from acting on their transgender "feelings"  that does not mean they have a right to go in the opposite sex's locker room, and make other people feel like there is an invasion of privacy.

There are probably only a handful of people who will be impacted by this change in policy since transgenders make up less than one percent of the population and a fraction of those are in schools.  California may have more than their share of them, and that state can choose to treat them as if they are sane if its wants to.


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