DHS plans to increase enforcement efforts of US immigration laws

Washington Post:
Homeland Security memos outline broad plans to bolster deportation efforts

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly signed sweeping new guidelines for measures to more aggressively detain and deport illegal immigrants. The documents detail plans to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, speed up deportation hearings and expand the pool of immigrants prioritized for removal.
The rule of law is returning to immigration efforts after Obama and other Democrats sought to ignore the laws and the problems that came with that.  The media has been focused on a couple of arrest of people they saw as sympathetic, that turned out to be something else.

An arrested "Dreamer" was allegedly associated with a criminal gang.  A woman claiming spousal abuse has a long rap sheet that includes domestic violence charges against her.  DHS needs to do a better job of explaining why people like this are detained so that the media is not putting out stories that play to the Democrat victim strategy.


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