Politicizing retail sales is bad for business

NY Times:

Meet the Anti-Trump Activist Who Is Taking On Retailers

Putting together a list of companies selling Trump products has transformed Shannon Coulter’s life, and not always for the better.
What if a hardware store in your community said Republican business is not wanted?  In New York City it probably would not make a lot of difference, but in Brenham, Texas they would lose most of their business.   But the store in Brenham would also lose some business it would otherwise get if it said that Democrat customers are not wanted.

Those stores catering to the disappointment of Democrats following their loss to Trump voters are making the same mistake.  They are telling 61 million Americans they do not want their business.  It hard to imagine anything more counterproductive.  Hollywood actors and some athletes are making the same mistake and they are likely to pay for it in reduced ticket sales.


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