Democrats pull back from futile gestures in the Senate

Washington Examiner:
Senate Democrats on Wednesday abandoned the all-night "talk-a-thons" they staged the prior two nights to protest votes on two of President Trump's key Cabinet nominees, even though a third nominee opposed by Democrats is set to get a vote early Friday.

Democratic leaders didn't offer a public explanation for the move, but it came after their all-night debate sessions Monday and Tuesday failed to move the needle on Trump's picks.

On Monday, Senate Democrats said they would be up all night to protest the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be Trump's education secretary. Senators spoke all day Monday and into the evening, and worked to generate support from followers.
They will likely seek alternative gestures in their attempt to sabotage the Trump administration.  Both of their talk-a-thon targets are infinitely better than the people they are replacing.  Their false charges against both nominees were shameful demagoguery.


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