Presidential race a dead heat at this point

NY Times:

Clinton and Trump Locked in Tight Race, New Poll Shows

  • With less than eight weeks before Election Day, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton are virtually tied in the presidential race, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll finds.
  • Mrs. Clinton has the support of 46 percent of likely voters nationwide, to 44 percent for Mr. Trump.

Clinton's big lead has virtually disappeared after the release of FBI investigations and her public display of illness, leading to an admission that she was suffering from pneumonia. All of this has contributed to her reputation of dishonesty.  Meanwhile, Trump's new campaign team has reined in his tendencies and he has had a few good weeks.

A new Fox Poll says it is a one point difference in a four-way race.  Clinton leads 41-40 in that poll, but in a two-way race, Trump leads by one.  The trend does not look good for Clinton.  She had a significant lead just a few weeks ago.


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