Obama's attempt to ignore the jihad has not made US safer

Washington Post:
Americans are safer at home, but the jihadist threat is greater abroad

Homeland defenses have hardened since the 2001 attacks, but the struggle to to defeat the global network of violent, rabidly anti-Western jihadist groups has been less successful. Indeed, the problem appears to have grown bigger.
I do not agree with this statement at all.  The actions taken by the Bush administration after 9-11 pretty well eliminated attacks on the homeland during the remainder of Bush's terms.  That has not been the case under Obama.  There has been a series of jihadist attacks and mass murders that Obama has tried to excuse by abusing the English language describing them as workplace violence or insisting that radical Islamist have nothing to do with Islam.  This is semantic falderal in support of a failed policy.  

Certainly the jihadist threat is greater in parts of the Muslim world and parts of Western Europe where many of those fleeing the failed Muslim culture have landed.  Importing more Muslims into the US while ignoring the genocide against Christians in Syria makes zero sense.


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