Obama appears to already be betraying the Kurds

NY Times:

Kurds Fear the U.S. Will Again Betray Them, in Syria

Throughout history, Washington and other Western powers have used the Kurds for their ends, then abandoned them when it became expedient.
This particular betrayal is particularly egregious.   The Kurds have been the only effective ground force fighting ISIL in Syria and in parts of Iraq.  To support the awful Turkish regime makes the betrayal even worse.

Erdogan appears to have hoped that ISIL would defeat the Kurds for him and when ISIL failed he has entered the fight on the pretext that he is fighting ISIL while his real intention is to attack the Kurds.  Obama should be ashamed that he has let this happen to the one ally in the region that was actual doing an effective job of stopping ISIL's genocidal religious bigots.  Turkey did not lift a finger when ISIL controlled the territory that adjoins it.


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