Koch brothers still pushing free market despite Trump rise

NY Times:

Koch Brothers Prepare for a Long War Over G.O.P. Values

Donald J. Trump’s views are a sharp rebuke to the free-market principles long championed by the billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch.

But whatever the setbacks, the brothers are working to ensure that their Grassroots Leadership Academy reshapes the future of the Republican Party.
On issues of trade, Trump is just wrong.  He is wrong about NAFTA which has been a net positive for states like Texas and has actually created thousands of jobs.  The Trump economic plan will lower the standard of living for most Americans and especially the poor who will have to pay higher prices for goods because of his tariff agenda.  I side with the Kochs on this one.

What Trump is doing is pandering to the rust belt blue states with their forced union policies that have been the real cause of their low growth.


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