Israeli technology can detect border tunnels

NY Times:

When Border Walls Go Up, Smugglers Dig Tunnels

Fences along the Mexican border have pushed operations underground, and experts say it may be years before the technology exists to reliably detect the tunnels.
The Israelis already have the technology and are using it to thwart the Hamas terror tunnel network.  Even without it, the walls make it more difficult for those trying to breach the border to do so and more expensive.   Their border walls have made it significantly more difficult for Palestinian terrorist to launch mass murder attacks against noncombatants.  The Saudis are also putting up a wall to stop incursions from Iraq.

I get the impression that some at the Times are looking for an excuse for an open borders policy.  Liberals in this country seem desperate to expand the culture of dependency and bringing in people to be reliable Democrat votes.


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