Iran continues its harassment of US Navy ships

Seven Iranian fast-attack boats were involved in an unsafe encounter with the USS Firebolt over the weekend, with one Iranian craft coming to a stop in front of the American ship, a US defense official told CNN Tuesday.

The provocative maneuver, which on Sunday brought the Iranian boat within 100 yards of the Firebolt, a coastal patrol boat that carries a crew of about 30, was assessed by the US to be unsafe and unprofessional and could have led to a collision, the official said.

There have been 31 unsafe America encounters with Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf so far this year, up from 23 in all of 2015, the official said
The US needs to have its helicopter gunships in the air and tracking the Iranian vessels. They should be ready to attack them with rocket fire from the choppers if they continue to act "unprofessionally"


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