Importing an alien culture has its problems in Europe

NY Times:

‘The Way People Look at Us Has Changed’

An outpouring from Times readers who are Muslim women described their daily experiences in parts of Europe that are most tense because of recent terror attacks.
The reimposition of the requirement that women wear a sack over their heads in some Muslim countries  has more to do with submission than any religious requirement.  In Iran for example, the Mullahs claim that women's hair emits sex rays that cause men to lose their self-control.  That is patently ridiculous on its face, but it is their excuse for requiring women to keep their head covered.

All over the Middle East radical Islamist are requiring the sack over the head look and even those who escape the failing Islamic cultures are sticking with it when they immigrate.   But, if you look at pictures from a few decades ago you will see that women from Afghanistan to Egypt and beyond wore western clothes without the head covering.

It should be noted that some Christians also follow this head covering ritual when they enter houses of worship.  I do not think there is any Biblical or Koranic requirement for such rules.

People should not be surprised that people look at them differently when they wear funny clothes or garb associated with those committing mass murder attacks.  I feel sorry for women who are forced to wear this stuff.


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