Clinton-Lewinsky affair discovered by Russian, Israeli and UK phone intercepts

Daily Mail:
EXCLUSIVE: Parties, receptions, radio addresses: How brazen Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were never far apart UNTIL their steamy phone sex was intercepted by Russia and the UK
  • Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinsky at a White House function in 1997, and continued to pose together even after starting their White House affair
  • Nothing was off limits to Clinton and the 'pepperpot' intern - there was little fear of getting caught
  • Lewinsky described the oral sex she gave the president while he talked on the phone with ambassadors and other dignitaries
  • The fallout from the sexual liaison never subsided, according to Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne in his book Crisis of Character
  • The pair's phone sex posed a threat to national security when intercepted by the UK, Israel and Russia
  • A less-than subtle 'blackmail' attempt by the Prime Minister of Israel urged Clinton to release an American who was spying for Israel
  • Clinton tried to comply and keep it all under wraps, but their sexual high jinks exploded on to the international scene
I recall at the time there was some concern that the affair could have led to blackmail attempts if discovered by foreign powers.  This story is a good indication of just how reckless Clinton's behaviour was.  The Colin Powel emails suggest that the conduct has not abated.


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