Clinton begins to live down to the stamina argument raised by Trump supporters

She is spending more time fundraising like she is still doing her gig with the Clinton Foundation than actually campaigning and when she does get out, there are attempts to stay scripted that are interrupted by long coughing spells.

The campaign media seems to be doing what it can to help her across the finish line by asking "tough questions" about "How was your labor day?"  They would prefer that to asking her why she came across as such a dishonest ditz in her interview with the FBI.

Leon Wolf summarizes the current state of the race:
Trump hasn't passed Clinton yet, and I think if Clinton wants to she can still put this election away any time she wants. But right now Trump is without a doubt benefitting from being the harder worker on this campaign trail. And if Clinton ends up losing, she can blame the nap she decided to take during this vital portion of the campaign, when she had the chance to put her boot on Trump's neck and end his challenge for good.
I suspect she fears screwing up and getting caught in more lies to really put herself out there.


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