Clinton ability to lead challenged by FBI report

Lisa Booth:
Hillary Clinton, a candidate without a message or platform to stand on, has just had her legs knocked out from underneath her. On the Friday before a long Labor Day weekend, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its investigation summary and interview notes with Clinton. The damning revelations undercut her biggest selling point to voters: Her ability to lead.

Since the Republican and Democratic conventions, Clinton has sought to label Donald Trump as lacking the judgement and temperament to serve as commander in chief. In polling, voters have largely seen her as the more reliable candidate. But recent revelations from the FBI, coupled with Trump's recent message discipline, could completely alter the course of the election.

Whether it is gross incompetence, forced amnesia, deep seated corruption or a combination of all three, the released summary and notes from the FBI demonstrate that Clinton does not have the judgement or temperament to be commander in chief. Rather than show leadership, her attempt to cover up for her private email server makes her look more like a clumsy criminal than someone who can be trusted with classified information.
There is more.

It will be hard for the liberals in the media to hide her incompetence after this release.  She comes across as more of a ditz than someone to be trusted with the nuclear codes.


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