US threats against Iran are working so far

Washington Post:
After warning to Iran, some question aggressive U.S. policy

Mike Pompeo has warned that any attack by Tehran or its proxies resulting in a single American casualty will generate a counterattack, U.S. officials said. The departure of acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan could further sideline the Pentagon, which has sought to reduce the potential for hostilities.

There is a reason Iran is hitting ships from other countries.  It fears retaliation by US forces if it attacked US ships or planes.  But make no mistake those attacks on the tankers are by Iran.  It is the only country who has threatened to shut down shipping in the area.  It is the only country deploying craft used to laying mines in the area.  It has launched anti-aircraft missiles at US drones that would see its activity in attacking the tankers.  I think the attempt of some in the media to downplay the Iranian role in the attacks on the tanker is because they support Obama's bad deal with Iran and not because they don't believe Iran is responsible.


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