Trade between northern Europeans and Egyptians began long before modern times

Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Nordic Graves Were Made by King Tut's Glassmaker

Cobalt glass beads found in Scandinavian Bronze Age tombs reveal trade connections between Egyptians and Mesopotamia 3,400 years ago — and similar religious rituals.

However the glass exchange almost stops around 1177 BCE - probably due to attacks by the Sea Peoples.

“Trade systems in the Eastern Mediterranean seem to have collapsed around 1200 BC, which must have been due to troubled times, perhaps war and strife, and the emergence of the Sea Peoples. This collapse can also be observed in the Nordic burials. Fewer glass beads seem to have reached the north,” said Flemming, and adds, “However an interesting phenomena occurred at the same time in Italy. In the Po Valley, new workshops arose, where they turned glass into glass beads. There are also large workshops where they processed Nordic amber from natural lumps into finished gems.”
The Sea People came from an area around the Mediterranean to the north of Egypt.  They had no recorded history of their own and what is known about them is what was written by victims.  They plundered the area for around 200 years then disappeared.


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