The double standard on taking campaign help from Russia

NY Times:

Trump Assailed for Saying He Would Take Campaign Help From Russia

The president said it was no different than meeting with the queen of England, but Republicans joined Democrats in condemning his willingness to collaborate with a hostile foreign power.
 Didn't Hillary Clinton actually pay for dirt on Trump and try to hide those payments by using a law firm as a cutout?  The payments to Fusion GPS and indirectly to Christopher Steele were for Russian dirt on Trump which proved to be unsupported, were part of a campaign effort to affect the outcome of the 2016 election and were later used as part of a coup attempt by the deep state.  It was Russian collusion that was ignored by Mueller.  The media has been a co-conspirator in the effort to harm Trump and aid in the coup attempt.  Why is it OK for Clinton and the Democrats to do what they are criticizing Trump about?


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