The Democrat campaign of sabotage

David Horowitz:
The personal attacks which broke the comity essential to a democracy began during the 2016 campaign with Hillary accusing Trump of being the leader of a constituency that was racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic - "deplorable” and “irredeemable” and basically unAmerican. She questioned his sanity and said he was “unfit” for the office. It was an unprecedented declaration of war, which the Democratic Party and its media allies took up and have never stopped prosecuting. His inauguration was boycotted by 30+ members of the House, and the Democratic leadership announced a formal “Resistance” to his administration, a resistance which has gone on for almost 3 years now. “Resistance” amounts to a pledge to obstruct and sabotage a duly elected president. Such a political strategy has no place in a democracy like ours. According to Gallup, an incoming president normally gets a seven month “honeymoon.” Trump didn’t get 10 seconds. Even before he entered the Oval office, they were calling him and his closest advisers racists, sexists, white nationalists, white supremacists, anti-Mexican and anti-Muslim bigots and so forth. He was also viciously attacked by the Bush family and its allies, and a Washington GOP elite in the same uncompromising (and untrue) terms as those of the Democratic resisters.

At the same time, this anti-Trump campaign metamorphosed with active support of the Obama appointed leaders of America’s intelligence agencies under extremely suspicious circumstances into the accusation that Trump was a Russian agent and his campaign team had colluded with the Russians to deny Hillary the presidency. A $35 million two-year investigation of these charges by mainly Clinton lawyers has turned up nothing to substantiate these charges. Mueller was unable to indict a single member of the Trump campaign for collusion, let alone the president himself. Yet despite the daily drumbeat that Trump was a traitor, not a single apology has been voiced by any Democrat or Democratic media ally. This amounts to a two-year campaign of sabotage of America’s commander-in-chief, with incalculable damage to American interests and security. The Russians, for example, would be key players in the efforts to tame the lunatic in North Korea, or to stop the occupation of Venezuela by the Cubans and Hezbollah. But Trump can’t negotiate a deal with Putin because of the continuing spurious charges by Democrats on the Intel committee that he is a “Russian agent.”

In sum, Trump has had to fight off a seditious political party and a seditious media, while attempting to secure our borders, stop the fleecing of American taxpayers through unfair trade policies, defend Israel in a way that no previous president Republican or Democrat has been willing to do. I am with you in wishing Trump would forgo some of his decisions to get down and dirty with his political opponents who are distorting almost everything he says and does, beginning with his border policies which are neither anti-immigrant nor racist nor anti-Muslim. But amazed as I am that he has been able to withstand these attacks and steer our country in a positive direction, I am loathe to criticize him harshly when he attempts to defend himself.
The Democrat leadership and the Democrat base was discombobulated by Trump's election and they do not appear ready to move on from that event.  They keep digging themselves into an ever deeper dark hole.


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