Democrats were the only ones who owned slaves, and the ones responsible for the Jim Crow era after they lost the Civil War

Washington Post:
Booker presses Congress to seize ‘historic opportunity’ on reparations for slavery

The New Jersey Democrat called on the country to engage in an active discussion about slavery and its implications on injustices rampant in the United States to this day.
While this is another bad idea by Booker and the Democrats it is one that only Democrats should have to pay for.  It is also a bad idea for blacks in this country, because it is another attempt by the Democrat party to lock them into dependency.  It is a cynical vote-buying scheme that would trap blacks into another cycle of dependency just as the Trump economy is lifting them out of it.  Even if only Democrats would have to fund the reparations it would still be a requirement that people who never owned slaves would have to compensate people who were never slaves.

BTW, do Democrats think the Egyptians owe reparations to the Jews?  Do the Turks owe reparations to the Europeans they enslaved in large numbers.  How about the Muslims of North Africa who enslaved more people than the Africans who were brought to America?


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