A new site for those wishing to avoid left-wing censorship on the net

Washington Examiner:
Jordan Peterson recently announced he will be launching a social media website alongside Dave Rubin and other key figures. Peterson says the site will have strong free speech policies, and the announcement is quite timely in light of the new Pinterest censorship scandal.

Peterson made the exciting announcement Monday morning on Twitter, stating, “Per the Joe Rogan podcast this week, I'm backing a new platform called thinkspot, currently in Beta. Get on the waitlist here, exciting announcements coming very soon. Thinkspot.com”

Peterson and other thinkers within the “intellectual dark web” have played with this idea for a while. The intellectual dark web includes an interesting variety of thinkers, including atheist Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew. It also includes right-of-center figures such as PayPal founder Peter Thiel and left-of-center figures such as professors Bret and Eric Weinstein.

The group is remarkably diverse, yet they all agree on one point: The radical intolerance of the far left is out of hand, and free exchange of ideas must be defended.

According to Peterson, the platform will won’t voluntarily ban any users. “Once you're on our platform we won't take you down unless we’re ordered to by a U.S. court of law,” he said. Thinkspot will also differ from standard social media platforms by requiring comments at least 50 words long in an attempt to elevate the level of public discourse. “You’re gonna have to put a little thought into it,” Peterson said.
I am glad to see an alternative to dealing with the censorious left.  One of the thinks Thinkspot will likely have to deal with is left-wing trolls seeking to provoke a response.


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