Democrats' contempt for middle America

PELOSI: Well, thank you for asking that question because the cultural issue, and especially when it comes to rural America, the isolation that some people feel there, plus they don’t think that Democrats are people of faith, when the fact is that we are. And I say, this will be a little not in keeping with the spirit of the day of unity, but I say they pray in church on Sunday and prey on people the rest of the week, and while we’re doing the Lord’s work by ministering to the needs of God’s creation they are ignoring those needs which is to dishonor the God who made them.
It is difficult to know where to begin with this.

Let’s name one Commandment that the Democrat party is in favor of? Just one. Honoring God. Your parents? Not killing? Coveting? Adultery? Theft? Seriously. Every single Commandment stands in stark and direct contrast to a stated principle of the Democrat party platform.

The idea that destroying jobs and carrying out a concerted war on faith in the public square is “the Lord’s work.” Pelosi, herself, is a Catholic who has been excommunicated latae sententiae, because of her advocacy of abortion and homosexual marriage. This is hardly the hallmark of doing “the Lord’s work.”
They do seem to think they are holier than the rest of the country.  The big difference is that most Christians see charitable efforts as an individual responsibility and Democrats see it as a collective one.  But in the process, Democrats have made it more difficult to practice one's religion without the interference from the heavy hand of government.


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