UK and Brits look at new trade deal

Theresa May and Donald Trump will this week hold talks over a US-UK trade deal that slashes tariffs and makes it easier for hundreds of thousands of workers to move between the two countries.

The Prime Minister will on Friday become the first foreign leader to hold talks with the new President in the White House following assurances by Mr Trump’s team that he wants to do a major free trade deal with Britain that can be announced in the weeks after Brexit.

One option understood to be being discussed in Whitehall is to agree to cut – or even drop – tariffs on items Britain and America already export to one another.

Sources believe any agreement on tariffs would give Mrs May significant leverage in her negotiations with Brussels and allow her to demand that EU leaders give Britain a good deal.

Government sources also said that Mrs May wants to explore ways in which it is easier for US citizens to work in the UK and vice-versa.

There are currently around one million Americans working in Britain and around one million UK citizens in the United States.

“We can grow those numbers,” a senior Government source said.

The job creation plan in both countries would allow President Trump to stand by his “America first” pledge whilst still agreeing to a deal that benefits both America and the UK.
Both countries would find such a deal mutually beneficial and Britain would be better off than it was in the EU.  Another benefit for the UK is that the US would not be forcing them to accept refugees.  The UK is also exploring trade deals with former Commonwealth partners.


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