Media still ignoring the Christian genocide by terrorists?

NY Times:
  • But Trump Vows ‘Strong Borders and Extreme Vetting’

    • A top White House official appeared to announce a significant change in President Trump’s executive order on immigration.
    • The shift came after chaos at airports and rulings by federal judges blocking part of the president’s actions.
    • On Twitter, Mr. Trump deplored the killings of Christians in the Middle East without noting the killings of Muslims.
The change clarifies the issue of green cards, but holders will still be subject to scrutiny upon return from the seven countries by border officials.  That is a prudent move since the Obama DHS mishandled thousands of green cards and lost control of the situation.

As for the Christians, even the Obama-Kerry State Department acknowledged the genocide being perpetrated against the Christians in the Middle East.  They were specifically targeted because they were Christians and many were crucified or decapitated.  It should also be noted that Christians from the Middle East have virtually no history of terrorist attacks on the US.  It is shameful that under Obama so few of this oppressed minority were allowed in as refugees.

While there are a lot of Muslims being killed in the Muslim civil wars, ISIL has indicated that it is infiltrating Muslim refugees for the purpose of getting inside the gates and engaging is mass murder.  They have been doing it routinely in Europe where there is also a rape epidemic that exceeds anything alleged in the rape hysteria on US campuses.  There are reports in both France and Germany that mosques have been turned into weapon storage facilities for terrorist operations.

If the media cannot detect the distinction between the two groups it looks like they are engaged in willful blindness.


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