Democrats are pulling another big con job on America

Arthur Herman:
Trump's travel ban and the Democrats' big con

Who are the marks? They’re gullible Republicans whom the Democrat grifters and the media con into believing the American public wants them to stand behind a Democratic initiative in a show of bipartisanship, or to oppose a Republican one on the grounds that’s it’s too extreme. The promised score is popularity among moderates and independents, as well as mention in the New York Times as a principled conservative or maverick for breaking with their party—when in fact it’s the Democrats who actually win and the Republican mark who loses with his own base thanks to the sting.

That’s what happening with the media hysteria over Trump’s “Muslim ban”(in fact it’s a temporary ban that effects exactly seven countries, ones on which the Obama administration already placed travel limits as “countries of concern”) and it’s what going to erupt when Trump announces his Supreme Court pick on Tuesday night.

It’s a well-worn con by this time. Democrats used it to convince GOP moderates we were losing the Vietnam War and that Americans wanted us to pull out (in fact poll after poll showed the public supported the war until the very end). They’ve used it to claim the public wants stricter gun control laws, and opposes any federal spending cuts or government shutdown. More recently they’ve used it to convince GOP marks that if they were going to win over Hispanics they have to support amnesty for illegal immigrants; and that waterboarding is “tantamount to torture.”
There is much more.

It would not surprise me to learn that the Democrats were behind the acting AG's dramatic move which forced Trump to fire her and gave them the excuse to boycott hearings on cabinet nominees.  I have little good faith coming from Democrats in the Senate since Trump won the election.


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