Judge says around 200 people effected by Trump's order can stay temporarily

NY Times:

Partial Suspension Allows Scores Stuck at Airports to Stay

  • A federal judge in Brooklyn issued an emergency stay of part of President Trump’s executive order on immigration, ruling that sending refugees and others back would cause “irreparable harm.”
  • Lawyers for the A.C.L.U., which filed the lawsuit, said the decision affects an estimated 100 to 200 people.
It is not clear why it would cause irreparable harm since they can always come back if the situation changes.  I have not found the judges reasoning for the TRO.  There will apparently be several lawsuits filed on behalf of those covered by Trump's executive order.  It unfortunate that the Trump legal team is not now in place to supervise the response to these cases because the Democrats have delayed the approval of Sen. Sessions appointment as Attorney General.

DHS says the President's executive order remains in place and the judge's order has a very limited effect for a few people who were in transit.


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