Democrats oppose vote fraud suppression

Washington Times:
President Trump’s vow to investigate illegal voting in America has placed the spotlight on a handful of conservative groups that have fought voter fraud in the shadows of more prominent issues such as Obamacare and terrorism.

The groups — including True the Vote and Judicial Watch — have pressed states for years to clean up what they see as antiquated and corrupted voter lists and crack down on fraudulent registration.

As America is divided politically, so is the debate over voter fraud: The left says it’s nonexistent; the right says it’s widespread enough to shift close elections to Democrats.

“Our litigation and expert investigations show the voting rolls are a mess,” said Tom Fitton, director of the government watchdog Judicial Watch. “Many states have no basic checks, such as voter ID, in place to stop fraud. If a government doesn’t know who is voting and has voting rolls rife with dead people and aliens, you can presume fraud.”

Mr. Trump has estimated fraud at 3 million to 5 million illegal votes, without giving proof, and wants some type of inquiry.

Conservatives say there is evidence that large numbers of noncitizens break the law by voting and that most vote for Democrats.

“A comprehensive voter fraud investigation would be the most significant civil rights investigation in a generation,” Mr. Fitton said. “We have an obligation to finally protect the civil rights of untold numbers of Americans who are having their lawful votes stolen by illegal votes.”

Democrats say charges of voter fraud amount to “voter suppression.”
Democrats have rigged the system to make it difficult to spot voter fraud.  A voter ID law would flag someone voting for a dead person.  It would also help spot people who vote multiple times or vote for fictitious voter registrations.


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