Fracking phobia surfaces in Florida

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers called for a statewide ban on fracking Tuesday, adding the heft of members of the Republican majority to what has been a years-long goal of South Florida Democrats.

State Sen. Dana Young, R-Tampa, filed a bill Monday that would ban the practice in Florida, and state Rep. Mike Miller, R-Orlando, is set to file similar legislation in the House.

"This bill is concise and straightforward: It bans fracking of all types in Florida," Young said at the Tuesday news conference in Tallahassee.

Young's bill would ban all sorts of well-stimulation treatments. That includes fracking — the practice of shooting a mix of chemicals and water into the ground under high pressure to break up rocks and release natural gas — as well as less well-known but similar practices, such as acid fracking, in which chemicals are sent underground to dissolve rock and allow easier access to oil and natural gas.
These people have fallen prey to the anti-science and anti-energy left.  This is total nonsense and would be even more ridiculous if there was any reasonable amount of oil in the state.  The irrational fear of fracking makes these people the useful idiots of OPEC and Russia.


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