Evidence suggests that attack on Canadian mosque was by Muslims

Daily Mail:

Police arrest two students – one 'of Moroccan origin' - over the murder of six people shot dead in a Quebec City mosque carnage a day after Canadian PM condemned Trump immigration ban
  • Six people are dead after shots were fired at a Quebec City mosque where around 50 people were praying
  • Eight people injured in the mass shooting which happened inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center
  • Witnesses have claimed they heard shouts of 'Allahu akbar' in a Quebecois accent from the masked shooters
  • Two people arrested over shooting, described by Canadian Prime Minister as a 'terrorist attack on Muslims' 
  • One suspect reportedly called police to 'confess to his crime' and was found 'with handgun and two AK-47s'
  • The mosque's president, Mohamed Yangui said of the atrocity: 'Why is this happening here? This is barbaric'
  • Attack happened amid protests over Donald Trump's divisive and controversial 'Muslim immigration ban'
That last bullet point looks like a non-sequitur.  Trump supporters are unlikely to be Muslims shouting Allahu akbar while on a mass murder attack.  Those are all indicators of an Islamic terror attack.  Witness described the alleged killers as having a Quebec accent which suggests they were locals.  To suggest that Trump was in anyway responsible for this attack appears ludicrous on the surface.

BTW, the Washington Post story on the mass murder attack leaves out the relevant details about the ethnicity and religious affiliation of the alleged killers.


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