Muslim leaders understand the reasons for the refugee restrictions

Washington Examiner:
How a Jordanian prince helped convince Republican Study Committee to back Trump's refugee ban

Two meetings informed the decision. The first was with officials from the U.S. State Department, who the North Carolina congressman says "pretty much guaranteed us that this vetting process had come a long way and was working much better."

The second with Prince Faisal bin Hussein, the King of Jordan's brother, wasn't as encouraging. "Literally after meeting with a state department official earlier in the day," Walker explains, "Hussein offers, unsolicited, that the biggest issue 'we have is that we can't vet these people.'"
The Prince is not the only Arab leader who understands the problem many of the leaders of other Muslim countries have similar restrictions or even stronger ones when it comes to accepting these refugees.

Those who loudly proclaim that the restrictions will harm our relationships with Muslim leaders are just wrong in most cases.


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