Another foolish act by despots in Tehran

NY Times:

Iran Sets Off Missile, Testing Trump’s Vow to Enforce Strictly

The missile test could reveal whether the administration will make good on its promises with regard to the Iranian nuclear deal.
It is just another act by Iran that proves they are at war with the US.  The missile test suggests they are going forward with building potential ICMs in order to put nuclear missiles on them when the terms of their bad deal with Obama expire.   At best Obama's deal just put forward the evil day for a few short years.

In the process, they are giving Trump more reasons to cancel Obama's bad deal and put more pressure on them.

BTW, Iran's initial response to Trump's travel ban was to impose one on the US.  Then it occurred to them that such a ban would deprive them of the opportunities to collect hostages and possible to get business deals done with American companies that they desperately need.  I think Trump understands the hand he is playing much better than his critics.


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