Pro Syrian PM in Lebanon ready to resign


Lebanon's pro-Syrian prime minister signaling he is ready to resign to help restore order in the country. Many Lebanese blame Syria for a huge bomb attack that killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 17 others last week. Syria has denied a role in the Hariri assassination, but tensions are running high.

Lebanon's pro-Syrian Prime Minister Omar Karameh says he is ready to quit and other top Syrian allies in the government are sounding worried. Mr. Karameh told Beirut's An Nahar newspaper that he would be willing to give way if there was "consensus over a new government, rather than chaos."

Opposition politician Marwan Hamadeh, who survived an alleged Syrian attack on his life last November, also insists the government must go, because "things can not continue as they are."

Mr. Karameh says he will seek a vote of confidence for his government in parliament on Monday, if the opposition does not ask for it. Pro-government politicians control most of the seats in Lebanon's parliament.

If he uses his parlimentry majority to get a confidence vote, it will not diffuse the situation. More than likely it will make it easier to defeat his people in the April elections. He would be wise to leave ASAP.


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