Looking for a good cowboy

Austin Bay:

Chalk it up as a second VE Day (Victory in Europe), and credit President Bush for following Winston Churchill's wise counsel: "In victory: magnanimity."
Mr. Bush's low-key shellacking of France's crook in chief, Jacques Chirac, signals the political defeat of "Old Europe" on the issue of Iraq. On Monday, before a state dinner in Belgium, a reporter asked Mr. Bush if he would invite Mr. Chirac to his Texas ranch. Mr. Bush quipped, "I'm looking for a good cowboy."
Remember, "cowboy" is Euro-snob code for "pathological American suffering from hyper-power and gigantisme militaire."
Mr. Chirac responded by praising the excellence of U.S.-French relations.
Yes indeed, my Parisian pod-nuh, we're all cowboys now -- "High Noon" cowboys dedicated to defending justice and freedom.
With a 10-gallon grin, Mr. Chirac's "Western front" -- a political concoction of anti-Americanism and cowardice -- quietly folds. The Iraqi people's Jan. 30 electoral show of force sealed Mr. Chirac's defeat. Even in the benighted Paris and Berlin, those ink-stained indicators of democracy in the line of fire -- purple fingers -- point the way to the future.
The continuing and oh-so-public moral collapse of the United Nations contributes to the American political victory....


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