Lebonese threatening a general uprising against Syria

The Daily Star:

Lebanon's political opposition has called for an "intifada for independence" as it stepped up it attacks on the government.

In a significant escalation of its feud with the government in the wake of the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri, the opposition added that all parliamentary business is on hold until Hariri's murderers are identified.

Speaking from Chouf MP Walid Jumblatt's residence in Clemenceau Qornet Shehwan Gathering member Samir Franjieh said: "In response to the criminal and terrorist policy of the Lebanese and Syrian authorities, the opposition declares a democratic and peaceful intifada [uprising] for independence."

He added: "We demand the departure of the illegitimate regime."

When asked why the opposition didn't resign from Parliament as many people had expected, Samir Franjieh said: "We will not grant the authorities our resignation. The parliamentary seats are the people's property."

Prime Minister Omar Karami responded by calling the opposition's demands "a project to topple the government."

Well, at least he understands the stakes. The question is, are the Syrians ready to live withthe consequences of another Hama in Lebanon. The world was willing to ignor Syrias killing of 20,000 Syrians who opposed Assads rule. It is unlikely that a similar spree in Lebanon would be ignored. If Syria thinks teh US is too tied down in Iraq to respond it is mistaken. In fact, an invasion of Syria and the liberation of Lebanon would reduce much of the outside support of the IRaqi insurgency as well as attack the terrorist haves that have been attacking Israel. If Syria is to scramble out of this box it needs to turn over those responsible for murdering the former Lebanon leader most ricky tick.


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