An indictment waiting for an incident

Rabbi Aryeh Spero:

Though only a handful of individuals among the 135,000 American soldiers stationed in Iraq participated in the Abu Ghraib incident, the accusatory howls from domestic “humanitarian” groups indicted our entire army and Defense Department establishment.

Any objective observer would concede that when measured against normative civilian misbehavior the misconduct of ten out of 135,000 is not bad at all, statistically imperceptible. But, then, the domestic “humanitarian activists” are not objective -- they have an agenda.

In truth, Abu Ghraib was for critics on the Left not a reaction caused by a happenstance but an already pre-planned indictment waiting simply for an incident. For one surefire way to destroy the war effort is, the Left hopes, by discrediting our soldiers and military establishment. De-legitimize the war by de-legitimizing the soldiers. Set the conduct-bar so high and the requirements for success so absolute that perforce across-the-board success is beyond reach and shortfall built-in.


Far more important than its association with the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib has been exploited by the Left in service to its longer term goals in the Culture War. A major component of the liberal assault against historic American values is to minimize within our society the heroic role of the brawny soldier and cast him as an inferior societal player, the anti-hero.


Those today most critical of our soldiers, our army and our wars are most often pampered yuppies who never served nor have any brothers or close friends who currently serve. Many have never even known a soldier. Their war effort is not in serving but protesting -- and, to add injury to insult, finding “injustices” in those who do serve. Their efforts are invested not in country but in counter-country.


This ubiquitous and salivating readiness to condemn the soldier and the army poses dangers beyond the Iraq war. Its ultimate purpose is to tarnish those who fight so that soldiering is viewed disdainfully. Its effects are cultural, threatening our survival.

Those who shout the loudest are most often those who never lift a finger to protect this country, though growing rich and worry-free here. They constitute the most selfish, pompous, and insensitive group America has ever known. They’ve earned our disrespect and should be scorned.
That is how they earned the title of "antiwar pukes."


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