The silence of the Dems

Deborah Orin:

FUNNY how Democrats seem to be struck dumb by the success of President Bush's trip to Europe.

The central tenets of Democratic foreign policy are now falling like dominoes. Dems such as Sen. John Kerry predicted Iraq's election would be a disaster. Instead, it was a triumph and sparked a yearning for freedom elsewhere in the Mideast.

Dems blamed Bush for the lack of progress toward Israeli-Palestinian peace, but it now seems that Bush's strategy was right: wait until Yasser Arafat was gone and let Israel build its wall.

Kerry & Co. portrayed the United Nations as morally superior to Bush, but now the various U.N. scandals, from the oil-for-food scandal to accusations of rape by U.N. peacekeepers, make a mockery of that idea.

Kerry's refrain all through the 2004 campaign was to fume that Bush was acting too unilaterally and alienating our oldest allies. Now those allies, notably France and Germany, are eager to snuggle up to Bush.

"If you were the Democrats, you couldn't write a worse script from a political point of view," said independent pollster Scott Rasmussen.

As he sees it, the Democrat doing best at coping with the changing reality is Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who now talks positively about Iraq.


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