Portgese regress to socialism

Herald Sun:

PORTUGAL'S opposition Socialists have won a snap election and their first outright majority in parliament since the country returned to democracy in 1974.

Voters swung to the Left in a landslide, looking for answers to rising unemployment.

The party, led since September by pro-market former environment minister Jose Socrates, won 120 seats in Portugal's 230-seat assembly. Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes' centre-right Social Democrats, in power since 2002, won 72 seats, their lowest showing in more than two decades.

Socialists won 45 per cent of the vote in an election marked by higher-than-usual voter turnout, compared with 29 per cent for incumbent Social Democrats.

Socialism is a failed system that creates high unemployment and high taxes that stunt economic growth. Theonly change that will come from this is a change for the worse.


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