Saddam's half brother and terrorist leader captured

Washington Post:

Saddam Hussein's half-brother, who once served as the former Iraqi leader's intelligence chief, has been captured by U.S.-led coalition forces and will be turned over to the Iraqi government, a spokesman for the multinational forces in Iraq said Sunday.

No further details were given on the arrest of Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan Tikriti.

Once a close confidant of Hussein, Tikriti has been accused by Iraqi officials of being a major organizer of the violent insurgency plaguing Iraq since Hussein was toppled in early 2003.

In a statement, the Iraqi government said that Tikriti "contributed effectively in planning, supervising and carrying out many terrorist acts inside Iraq."

This guy appears to have been responsible for terror operations before and after Saddam was overthrown. He is a great example why those who suggested there was no terror in Iraq before the war are wrong. Before the war socialist Iraq had the government in charge of terrorizing its citizens. After the war the same terrorist continued to do their old jobs.


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