The "Draft Condi" movement

Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle:

They call themselves "Condistas," and they are writing songs, selling bumper stickers and buying radio ads in Iowa touting their preferred 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

So far, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, last seen in Germany wearing a striking black coat-and-boots ensemble reminiscent of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, has expressed no interest in elective office. Her enthusiastic supporters hope a draft movement will convince her.

"We ordered close to 200 T-shirts, and they are gone," said Richard Mason, the Miami physician behind the Web site, "I wondered if I was ordering too many, if 2008 would come and I would be stuck with 100 Condi T-shirts, all in sizes that don't fit me."


"I think, in their heart of hearts, most political junkies are just pining for a Hillary-Condi matchup," said Jim McGrath, a Houston communications consultant and former White House spokesman for President George H.W. Bush, referring to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.

"The media would love it, the political junkies would love it," McGrath said. "And right now, all these people pushing this and scratching their heads about it are just dying for the 2008 race to start — a sure sign they need therapy."


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