Chavez looks to relace Soviet Union as financial supporter of a failed system

Reuters via CNN:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday embraced socialism as his ideology of choice in a political statement that sharpened his antagonism against the United States.

Chavez, a firebrand nationalist who has governed the world's No. 5 oil exporter for six years, has persistently declined to define the precise ideology of his self-styled "revolution."

But, addressing an international meeting on poverty in Caracas, he said Western-style capitalism was incapable of solving global economic and social problems.

"So, if not capitalism, then what? I have no doubt, it's socialism," said Chavez, who also rebuffed U.S. criticism of his left-wing rule in Venezuela and denounced U.S. President George W. Bush as the "great destabilizer of the world."

Since coming to power, he has irritated Washington by developing alliances with China, Russia and Iran and flaunting a close personal friendship with Cuba's Communist President Fidel Castro, a longtime foe of the United States.

Chavez's public support for socialism recalled Castro's defining announcement in the early 1960s that his 1959 Cuban Revolution was "socialist."

Not only is he a bad guy, but he is not very smart. Why chose an economic system that relies on genocide to solve its problems with political opponents as well as solving unemployment issues. Just ask the millions of Ukranians, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodians as well as Cubans who were killed for the sake of socialism. I guess you cannot, since they are dead, and one thing we know about the socialist, they create their own history, facts be damned. While communism has been responsible for more deaths than the Nazis or other facist, it still gets a pass in some circles "because it has never been tried correctly." However, every time it is tried political opponents get killed in great numbers. It is just not debatable in those states, you bet your life. And as an economic model it has been such a rousing success in places like Cuba. That is why all those Americans are hijacking boats to go there.


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