A Marine hero in Falluja

DesMoines Register:

During the urban house-to-house battle for the Iraqi insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, 1st Sgt. Brad Kasal, a former Iowa high school wrestler and linebacker, learned three fellow Marines were wounded inside an enemy-controlled house.

"The insurgents would kill them, or worse - torture them and then kill them, so time was essential," Kasal said. "So I gathered up a bunch of young Marines and tried to enter the building to rescue them."

Kasal, 38, was shot seven times after leading his men into the house, and he suffered more than 40 shrapnel wounds after he bear-hugged a wounded Marine inside to protect him from a grenade explosion. He killed one enemy fighter in an exchange of rifle fire at point-blank range.

One Marine died in the Nov. 13 rescue mission, but the other Americans came out alive.


Killed in the assault was Marine Sgt. Byron Norwood, 25, of Pflugerville, Texas.
Sgt. Norwoods parents where with Laura Bush during the State of the Union Address. Mrs. Norwood and an Iraqi women hugged each other during the speech, driving liberal cynics crazier than they alrady were. For some reason the story does not explain the significance of Sgt. Norwoods parent's actions. They appear to be really decent people as does the IRaqi woman who thanked them for their sons sacrifice for the IRaqi people.

Read the entire piece to get a more complete picture of 1st/Sgt. Kassel's heroic effort.


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