The lawfare strategy

Strategy Page:

Lawfare is a relatively new tactic whereby lawyers are called in to try and gain some military advantage via court proceedings. This might seem absurd, but in counter-terror operations, it can have an impact. In the United States, lawyers, invoking the need to protect civil rights, are having success in getting terrorism suspects more access to lawyers and courts. This could lead to some suspects being released from confinement. The U.S. government is concerned about this, because about five percent of the terrorism suspects they have released already, because the men were thought to be innocent, or determined to not get involved with terrorism, were later found engaging in terrorist activity. These were mostly men released back to Afghanistan and Pakistan.


So don’t dismiss lawfare as a pipe dream. It’s a real military tactic that can win a battlefield advantage, and get people killed.
On the other side of this coin, lawyers have been able to get information on terror support groups and put them out of business. The Arab Bank suits that target the cash flow of terror finances are one example.


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