Syrian officer admits training terrorist in Syria

AP via Washington Times:

— Iraqi state television aired a video yesterday showing what the U.S.-funded channel said was the confession of a captured Syrian officer, who said he trained Iraqi terrorists to behead people and build car bombs to attack American and Iraqi troops.
He also said the terrorists practiced beheading animals to train for decapitating hostages.
Later, Al Iraqiya aired another round of interviews with men it said were Sudanese and Egyptians who also trained in Syria to carry out attacks in Iraq.


In the first video, the man, identified as Lt. Anas Ahmed al-Essa of the Syrian intelligence service, said his group had been recruited to "cause chaos in Iraq ... to bar America from reaching Syria."
"We received all the instructions from Syrian intelligence," Lt. al-Essa, 30, said on a video broadcast by state-run Al Iraqiya, which can be seen nationwide.


Another man, Shawan al-Sabaawi, was identified as a former lieutenant colonel in Saddam Hussein's army. He said he received training from Syrian intelligence on how to behead hostages.
Lt. al-Essa said the group used animals for training in beheadings. He said it required "at least 10 beheadings" for a member to be promoted to a group leader.
"I had to send a report to Syria about how the operations are going," he said.
Weapons, explosives and equipment were all provided by Syrian intelligence, Lt. al-Essa said. He added that the group members received $1,500 a month.
If this report is true, then Syria has taken the side of the terrorist and should be subjected to regime change.


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