Dean's "good" not good enough in Kansas

Mickey Kaus:

The Matter With Kansas (Dems): From the Lawrence Journal-World account of DNC chair Howard Dean's visit to Kansas:

"This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

--Howard Dean

"I feel like he could have gone even stronger with his language."

--Katherine Dessert, a student and preschool teacher in the audience.

P.S.: Does Dean now come with such built-in expectations in the Righteous Anti-GOP Fury department that he inevitably fails to meet them, with the result that he is actually unable to rally the hard-core faithful he supposedly had the unique ability to rally? ...
This explains a lot about why the Democrats are so ineffective at arguing political points with Republicans. If you view your opponent as evil, you do not have to listen to his argument. You just demonize. The second quote, suggest there is a hunger among some Democrats for greater demonization. The death spiral of the Dems continues.


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