Reid to throw GOP into briar patch

Hugh Hewitt:

"The Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, has said that if the Republicans made good on their threat and ruled filibusters out of order, he would see to it that Senate business came to a halt."

Reid's threat to "go Gingrich" is the greatest gift a Democrat has given the Republicans in many year. Shutting down the government, Harry? Because you don't want majority voting on judicial nominees. Yes, that will work very well with the public.

Arlen Specter clearly hopes to entice the Dems into some face-saving back-downs on previous judicial filibusters, but shortly after Specter discussed his grand plan for throwing the Dems a rope, Chuck Schumer threw his caucus an anchor:

"'Unless there's new and dramatic information, we feel nothing has changed and they should continue to be blocked,' Schumer said in response to a question from HUMAN EVENTS. 'In fact, I said the President nominating them is sort of a poke in the eye.'"


This fundamental and irreconcilable chasm --Democrats do not believe that any nominee who can be suspected of believing in the personhood of the unborn or of other "deeply held beliefs," to quote Senator Schumer, is qualified to sit on the federal bench-- cannot be bridged, and given its importance, should not be avoided. Senators Leahy, Schumer, Kennedy, Boxer, Clinton and Reid have in essence imposed a prohibited "religious test" on nominees for office. (See Article VI, Section III). Senator Specter is worried about the traditions of the Senate. I think he ought to be worried about the Constitution.


The GOP can only hope that the reactionary Dems respond with a "shut-don" of the Senate. During war? If they actually followed through with the threat, the American people would get a clear, unobstructed view of the obstruction that now defines the Democratic Party....

I think the Democrats will lose even more seats if they persue the Reid strategy. They will also give up any leverage they might have to get compromises on legislation which will further weaken Democrats running for reelection.


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