Rubio's idea for restoring democracy to Venezuela

Washington Examiner:
How can President Trump intervene constructively, looking out for American interests without giving Maduro a foreign enemy to use for propaganda purposes? Maduro already insists that the mass protests against him are part of an American-led coup effort. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., one of Maduro's sharpest critics in the U.S. government, laid out the correct path in an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier when he called on Trump to ask the Organization of American States to expel Venezuela until it restores democracy.

"That may sound like diplomatic talk," Rubio said, "but it actually is the one thing that Venezuela is most sensitive to. They do not want to be ostracized. They do not want to be isolated in the hemisphere by fellow Latin American countries."

After two decades of socialist rule, despite its abundant natural resources, Venezuela is now entirely dependent on other countries and even smugglers for the goods it needs to keep its people alive. With grocery stores throughout his once-wealthy country barren, Maduro even announced with some apparent pride last month, on an episode of his four-hour Sunday program on state television, that "Comrade Trump" had offered to sell him food from the United States at "a good price."

So Trump has leverage in this relationship, which is something he can surely appreciate. He must now put it to good use. A regime that steals from American companies and encourages street violence against dissidents deserves to be cut off from the community of nations.
The problem with selling food to the Venezuelan government is that they have no means to pay for it.  The government has been stealing food from suppliers to the point where no one will supply them anymore.  The OAS did have some sway in overturning the attempt of the Maduro's cronies on the Venezuelan supreme court to do away with the legislature.


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