There is a difference between being challenged and being 'under siege'

NY Times:

Scientists, Feeling Besieged, March Against Trump

Thousands of scientists and enthusiasts took to the streets in Washington and around the world on Saturday to protest the administration’s policies.
One of their problems is that the Democrats have politicized science instead of embracing scientific inquiry.  Those with an inquiring mind who challenge the political orthodoxy are called "deniers."  Skeptics is probably a more descriptive term.  There is a reason for skepticism.

The models used to project "climate change" are clearly flawed, yet the proponents of the CO2 hysteria cannot explain which of their assumptions is invalid.  Like Einstein's description of insanity, they keep on pumping in the same data expecting to get a different result.  They stubbornly refuse to consider other alternatives.

Resorting to insults of those who disagree with them is causing them to lose the argument.  They really need to engage with the skeptics and try to find out where each may have gone wrong.


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