Trump's base remains with him despite the most hostile media in US history

Washington Post:
Trump’s approval ratings sit at record lows but base stays steady, poll shows

President Trump is nearing the 100-day mark of his administration as the least popular chief executive in modern times. His voters are largely satisfied with his performance, but his base of support hasn’t grown since he took office, according to a Post-ABC News poll.
The media has to be frustrated by their inability to separate Trump from his base.  Despite a myriad array of stories alleging his policies will hurt his base, those people are sticking with him.  What the media and other leftist do not seem to get is that people were actually voting against them more than they were voting for Trump.  All their attacks since his election have only reinforced the resolve of his base to oppose the evils of liberalism.

By focusing all their anger and resentment on Trump the left is ignoring their real problem.  People do not like them or their policies.  There is a reason why Democrats have lost over a thousand seats since Obama was first elected and it has little to do with Trump.  Trump is mainly a result of the anger toward Democrats.


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